Services & Costs

Below are some of the mortgage areas we cover……

First Time Buyer

The average age of a first-time buyer in the UK is now 36. There are currently special government backed deals available which can seriously reduce the amount of deposit you will need to put down. After assessing your income and expenditure we calculate how much you can borrow and get your mortgage approved before you make an offer.


This can be done through your current lender or by checking the whole market for alternative lenders. You could save money by switching to another lender – we will compare the whole mortgage market including High Street lenders, smaller Building Societies and niche providers to get you a competitive product.

Buy-to-let Mortgages

We have access to every UK buy-to-let lender many of which are only available to select brokers. Benefits include borrowing up to 85% of the property’s value; No minimum personal income required by some lenders; No requirement to be a home owner; Max age of 75 at point of application; Let to buy mortgages available.

Interest Only Mortgages

Interest only mortgages have been something of a rarity with brokers and lenders concern over new regulations. At Allen Tomas & Co Mortgages we remain able to source interest only mortgages or even propose a part interest – part repayment mortgage. Our ability to understand your wider needs help us to secure the right mortgage for you.

Additional Borrowings

A new kitchen, a holiday, a wedding or business venture – whatever the purpose we can secure a mortgage to suit your needs. Allen Tomas & Co Mortgages is able to source mortgages for almost every purpose and can even secure a second mortgage to sit along with an existing mortgage.

Product Transfer Mortgages

Not everything lasts for ever, even the best mortgage deal comes to an end, at Allen Tomas & Co Mortgages we are able to look at transferring your existing mortgage to a new mortgage offer with the same lenders. Whether it is a new home or a new product, Allen Tomas & Co Mortgages will review your existing provider and help you assess whether a product transfer is the right solution for you.

Credit Repair Mortgages

Understanding your financial situation is imperative for any mortgage adviser. With our roots in finance we are able to advise you on how to improve your credit rating, consolidate your borrowings reducing monthly outlays and costs. Often seeking advice is the only way to understand the complexities of finance and at Allen Tomas & Co Mortgages we are able to understand, explain and help you repair weak credit scores.

Bridging Loans / Development Finance

Bridging loans are ideal for individuals who need to access funds quickly, buying a property at auction or buying property that is not suitable for a standard residential or buy to let mortgage.

When arranging Bridging Finance, you need to be confident that you have an exit route to allow you to repay the loan, we’ll arrange this for you as part of the application process.

Secured Loans / Second Charge Mortgages

Secured Loans also known as Second Charge Loans can be used to meet various needs including acting as an alternative to re-mortgaging, as a business loan, debt consolidation or to raise a deposit to purchase a buy to let or expand your existing buy to let portfolio.

Our Fees

We will provide you with a free initial consultation and we will always explain what you will be charged before you decide to proceed with an application. As we offer a bespoke service our fees can vary for certain circumstances. This fee will never exceed 1.5% of the loan amount.